A Clumsy Parawhore. Jan 2nd 1994.

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Live at The Black Cat

Washington DC 2012

Credit photos:Haley Plotkin

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The pleasing addiction of falling

The adventurous journey of hope

The haunting questions of certainty

The enchanting poem of slavery

The fragile mirror of promise

The delightful melody of lies

The fastest highway of advantage

The heavy rain of sadness

The wicked concept of joy


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HAIM in Chromeo’s new music video for the song “Old 45’s”

Watch it here!

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HAIM star in Chromeo’s Old 45’s "mini-movie"/music video
Watch the video here


HAIM star in Chromeo’s Old 45’s "mini-movie"/music video

Watch the video here

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Life at the rehearsal space II


Life at the rehearsal space II

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September 22nd, 1994

Happy 20th Anniversary, FRIENDS!

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Sensory Observations

In 8:46 pm,

I hear the babbling voice of my roommate who tries to rap while listening to music

I see the golden curtain that covers the windows of my room

I feel full because I just finished eating

I taste a Lychee-flavoured drink lingered in my mouth

And I smell nothing.

In 8:51 pm,

I hear the chattering voices of girls who walked in front of my room

I see the pile of my books and many different kinds of bottles on my desk

My another friend came, and her perfume’s scent filled out my room

In 8:57 pm,

I hear the chattering voices again, but mixed up with a loud sound of the train, the barking of a dog, and the creaking sound of the fan in my room

I feel confused what else should I write in this poem.

Then I remember I still have another homework

So, I decided to finished this simple poem while listening to the barking sound of the dog and the screaming of children.


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Friends rewatch - 1x01 - Pilot (TOW Monica Gets a Roommate)

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